33 Minutes of Weakness and Imperfection

by Exploding Cities

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For the buyer who wants to talk to us about this album or our music in general, we offer a personalised cd of exploding cities. To do so, please email us at cellariusnoisymachinae@gmail.com providing a confirmation of your purchase. Thank you.

“exploding cities” is a duo of portuguese musicians in love with the sounds of adventure, and 33 minutes of weakness and imperfection, their first album, is an expression of hopeless romanticism and a non-negotiable obsession with music and poetry.

Thus, their music and words are influenced by
going early to bed, sun ra, king crimson, free software, wine, ozu, juju music, sons, l.-f. céline, all our lovers and the ones we desire, aliens, dat politics, varèse, stockhausen, touch, the government and old tribes, santa maria, gasolina em teu ventre!, cigars, a cup of tea on a winter afternoon, the internet, necromonger empire, aphex twin, scott walker, josé mário branco, william gibson, p. k. dick, gonçalo m. tavares, religion, all the stories about the fall of the roman empire, corto maltese, the great lesbian show, fathers, einsturzende neubauten, cable tv, p. celan, ancient persian religions, j.-l. godard, having a laugh, whales dying on the beach, anti-depressives pills, john zorn, banda do casaco, coil, m. cesariny, thomas bernhard, artaud, glenn branca, lee "scratch" perry, gore movies, our delirium, the monks, pere ubu, portishead, douglas sirk, a silent viral revolution, buster keaton, kavafis, public enemy, going alone to movies, j. coltrane, kanye west, colin stetson, bill laswell, iánnis xenakis, raymond scott, the games we play, dalek, neu!, motorhead, the stooges, neil gaiman, sleepless nights, the red trio, sex, flaming lips, XX, beastie boys, jacques brel, suicide, westerns, daft punk, all the struggles for freedom and dignity, sonic youth, funkadelic, prince, marc ribot, captain beefheart, satie, adília lopes, elia kazan, bach, handel, ligeti, televison, lou reed, pedro costa, money, camilo pessanha, antónio maria lisboa, living in uninhabited big cities, leo carax, unexpected sex, genetic manipulation, neal stephenson, the national, tricky, pre-middle age crisis, film noir, el-p, pascal quignard, gore vidal, early rough trade, swans, shackleton and
until the infinity and beyond

33 minutes of weakness and imperfection, a digital release sponsored by Cellarius Noisy Machinae and distributed by Ananana. The album will also be available as a personalized cd and wallet package for each listener/buyer that wishes it.


site: www.cellariusnoisymachinae.org#!exploding-cities/c1lkw


released October 20, 2014

“exploding cities” are:
Jorge Ferraz (guitar. programming and percussion)
César Zembla (vocals and programming)
They were founding members of bands such as “Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre!” and “The Great Lesbian Show” and, more recently, “Volcano Skin” and “Jorge Ferraz” Trio. They are also members of the “Cellarius Noisy Machinae” collective.



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AnAnAnA Lisbon, Portugal

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Track Name: Another future, please
Let’s destroy these days
This is the end of our names,
Of our skin, of our shadows
Yes, we’ve been misreading our veins
But no more
Enough of a future that was once a past
Enough of an old future
Enough of a future in second-hand
See, I laugh like mad, I laugh in your face
See, my teeth are shiny
See, my teeth are white
I laugh like mad
You’ve got yourself a fight

Hand me the flamethrower
Track Name: Flowers
The white summer sky
An old house, dark stairs
A white body surrounded by shadows
Oh make me real
A black and white room
Where lovers met
Where lovers meet
Where strangers will meet
Oh make me real
The voices of the bazaar sellers
The scent of opium and sex
A true instant of reality
Oh make me real
The street, the crowd
Fading light
I’m alone again
Yes, alone again
Oh make me real
Track Name: The strangeness of his mind
You feel strange
Your head is full of poems
A riot inside you
In your blood, in your flesh

You don’t care, you keep it to yourself
Hundreds and hundreds of poems

You is another
You live among strangers
Silent mouths, they say nothing at all
Silent buses, silent trains
Track Name: Symphonie 8c
Money Angels
Holes Invisible
Girls Beauty
Boys Hands
Playground Feet
Summer Water
Seaside Stream
Holidays Tarkovsky
Moonlight Fire
Radio Film
Ocean Eye
Sailors Mouth
Whores Tongue
Babies Words
Prams Time
Track Name: Ulixes
Mountain of magic
Night, moonlight
Sea, sand, sea, feet
Spit words, magic
Come forward
Fire, water, fire, walk, water, walk
Come forward
Spit words, spit water, spit fire
There was a strange bird in the sky
And they called it god
Then there were two birds,
Then there were many strange birds
And they had many gods
Fire, walk
Close your eyes, walk,
Water, fire, heaven, sky´
Fire approaching
Come forward
Hands in the eyes
Track Name: Conducator Vox
I’ve been listening to mater Dolores
All day long
At maximum volume
The music around my body and my head
Like a lover in my bed for the first time
The beginning of a story about to unfold
Stay with me
Track Name: 7th day
First, you met my eye
Second, a disconnected dialogue
Third, some cigarettes and some drinks
Fourth, a crappy film in a popcorn cinema
Fifth, your bed sure is a large bed
Sixth, writing a poem
Track Name: It’s a long way to Mexico
The clouds in the sky
Slowly passing by
The cars on the highway
Passing by
A motel in the desert, the empty land
An old map, old dreams
An old map, folded, wrinkled
Used by someone we don’t know
Someone who was here before us
Old dreams die like old maps
In someone’s pocket
The pocket of an old coat
Forgotten in a closet
And then one day
The hand touches something unexpected

Outside a voice is singing
Humming distant songs
Old songs
Songs from the mountains
From distant seas

Maybe we should go
Track Name: Trancendência
Quando estou distante
As minhas palavras
Soam-te melhor
Na tua boca
Saem-te com o mesmo à-vontade
Com que os homens libertam a urina
Dentro e fora dos urinóis
Para de seguida enfiarem
Um cigarro na boca
E seguirem caminho
Track Name: Nódoa
Numa parede da escola
Alguém escreveu com uma pequena
E dolorosa tinta violeta
Sara ainda ama
Um bocado David